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Is your website an asset or a liability? Turn your website into a sales powerhouse with effective website marketing...

More than 9 in 10 Australians use Google Search. DO they find you?

It is one thing for your website to be featured on the first page of Google Search results for your company name; however, you must not stop here!

By being accessible through a Google Search for your company name, essentially you are reaching existing customers who are already aware of your company name. Where website marketing becomes powerful, is when you are able to reach NEW prospective customers, who are not yet aware of your company name, and are simply searching for broader search terms for keywords based around products and services.

  • By reaching new prosepctive customers who are already searching for your companies products and services, you are able to grow your business through new sales from customers who otherwise would have found one of your competitors websites and purchased from themm.
  • The web is only becoming more and more important to people in their daily lives. One of the main uses of the internet is to find information and conduct research which is used in purchase decisions. Step one in transforming your website from a liability, to a valuable assett, is being found! This is achieved through effective online marketing. Once your website is accessible through front page exposure on Google, our qualified experts are then able to optimise your web advertising campaign on an ongoing basis, and look at which keywords deliver the best marketing result for your business (e.g. time spent on your site, bounce rates, and online enquiries)
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