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The reality is that the internet is utilised in 93.4% of business to business purchase decisions*.

Online Marketing that connects you directly with your target market

The most effective form of advertising, is advertising that is highly-targeted and reaches the exact market that are interested in the specific producsts and services that your company provides. Google AdWords advertising provides enormous advertising to businesses.

Relevance is crucial when it comes to delivering the highest return on investment for your business.

  • When someone mentions the word online marketing, often the first thing that jumps into people's heads is the super annoying flashing banner ads trying to market some product that you couldn't care less about. In reality, the best place for your business to start with online marketing is, to connect with people who are already conducting searches on Google Search for your specific products and services.
  • Radial marketing's Online Marketing packages through Google Search connect your business directly with highly qualified searchers, right on the first page of search results through Google AdWords. Through website marketing, we are able to bring searchers directly to your website. We must always remember that a website in itself is useless, without people finding the website, reading more about your company and actually making an enquiry or purchase, it serves no purpose. For this reason, online marketing is essential for any business serious about driving sales through their website.
  • Our focus is on transforming websites into a business asset that drives online sales and enquiries for your business. Our Google Qualified Professionals are experienced at developing highly comprehensive Online Marketing strategies, ensuring you achieve the highest ROI from your campaign. This includes online conversion tracking to track not just the number of people who are searching for your business andthe resulting traffic (which we track down to a keyword by keyword level), but to take it to the next level and actually track which keywords are most effective in generating online enquiries and sales. This is achieved through Google Conversion Tracking.
  • By tracking a range of important campaign metrics down to a keyword by keyword level, we are able to optimise your online marketing campaign on an ongoing basis. For example, by tracking which keywords keep people on your website for the longest period of time. Find my biz directory service is also available, which assists in reaching targeted traffic, and bringing this through to your website via a directory listing.

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Statistics: * Enquiro Research

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